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Make sure you eat at Yummy’s Wine Bar & Bistro

My all-time favorite place to eat in Seaside, no matter what the occasion, is at Yummy’s Wine Bar & Bistro on Broadway.  Not only does the urban atmosphere make me feel like I’m in some little hip Portland spot, but the food is fantastic.

For me, the seafood chowder is their star dish.  Gary Hayes at the Coast Explorer agrees with me:

Yummy Wine Bar & Bistro’s seafood chowder is a traditional New England style with halibut, Manila clams and diced prawns. The twist here is the use of yams that adds a touch of sweetness and a nice contrast for smoky bacon. Each bowl is made to order so the chunks of seafood, yams and bacon remain firm in the reduced and seasoned cream base. A sprinkling of fresh chopped parsley finish the dish.


You won’t see inflated coastal prices at Yummy’s.  You will find fantastic art on display (currently showing work by Jorjett Stromme).  You won’t be able to bring your children (perfect date night spot!).  You will be treated to Corey’s cheerful smile and a friendly, well-educated serving staff on all things food and wine.