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Meet the Madisons

A vital part of running the Sandy Cove Inn is relying on our friends and family to be a part of the team. We believe that each individual has unique talents that deserve to be put to good use. We believe that doing what makes you happy is the best way to do anything.

This is where my grandfather and grandmother come in, Lew and Marion Madison. They live in Ceres, California and visit us on occasion. Many of the lamps in our rooms are vintage treasures (translation: old and not working). When Grandpa visits, he heads into the shop each morning and works on repairing lamps. He also drinks all of our coffee but we don’t mind – it’s the least we can do.  We put Grandma to work too. Last time she was here, she helped stuff pillows into the pillowcases. What a joy to know her hands have lovingly cared for the Sandy Cove Inn.

We couldn’t and we wouldn’t want to do this any other way. We rely on our community to play out our vision of hospitality and care. It pleases us beyond words to know that Grandpa Madison returned an old lamp to it’s former beauty and that our guests can enjoy the result of his talent, time and care. This is part of our vision and it’s being played out every day.