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Our First Electric Car Experience

I’ve always loved the idea of hybrid and electric cars – their sleek design and minimal impact on the environment. I’ve never had a chance to drive one and I’ve always imagined the cars to be run sluggishly. Numerous times I’ve been stuck behind a hybrid wondering if it’s the driver or the car that is causing the hold-up.

However what I’d pictured in my mind and experienced on the road, is not what showed up at the Sandy Cove Inn for our first electric car experience.

A first time guest called ahead of time to make sure we had a charging station he could use. What?! We do have an outside electrical outlet that met the requirements so he booked his reservation. Weren’t we delighted when he showed up in an exotic Tesla Sportster.  That is one sexy vehicle.

When prompted, the owner of the Tesla told me he didn’t purchase the car for environmental reasons but because of his interest in the technology. And after doing some quick Google research on electric cars I am now a serious fan.

What did we learn in all of this, besides the fact that not all hybrid and electric cars are gutless? We realized that we are able to offer our standard 110 outlets to any electric car owner who might be staying with us and need a power charge to get them further down the coast.

So if you are considering a trip to the Oregon coast in your electric vehicle feel free to stop by and plug in – the charge is on us!

Stay tuned for more…  Seaside is under consideration to be an electric vehicle charging station location as part of an Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT) project to locate the stations in key transportation corridors.

Posted in Living in Seaside, Sandy Cove Inn updates | October 5th, 2011 by sandycove

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