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Meet June the Cat

June practically owns the place!

When we moved to the coast we brought our very special cat, June, along with us.  I adopted June from the Oregon Humane Society in 2006.  June was desperate for love very friendly from the moment we met and I fell in love instantly.

Living at the motel has been a perfect fit for June.  Her favorite place to be is following Mike around as he sweeps the parking lot, touches up paint or takes out the garbage.  When Mike is working the front desk, so is June.  Often June will greet our guests before we do! June even has a thing for dogs – I have yet to see one truly concern her.  Usually dogs are so confused by her polite greeting that they just cock their head and look completely bewildered as she waves her tail back and forth under their noses.

During the summer, when people are constantly walking to the beach and back, I’ll see June escorting people down the sidewalk.  She’ll drop you off at the Prom and then pick up another person heading back to the motel.  Gotta love her.

June is just one of the “features” we offer at the Sandy Cove Inn – one of our favorites.

Posted in Living in Seaside | January 15th, 2011 by sandycove

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About Sandy Cove Inn

One of a kind vacation rentals, also located in Seaside, Oregon, offer a wonderful place to bring the family for a vacation, host a family reunion, or celebrate a wedding. Many of our guests love to come to Seaside for the fall and winter holidays to relax and enjoy storm watching. Each vacation rental home or condo is uniquely decorated, affordably priced and located just blocks away from the beach or Seaside. Housekeeping and Maintenance staff are onsite and provide service 24/7 for your convenience.